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Strawberry Nice Cream

I have a confession to make… I’m addicted to ice cream! And because of all the sugar that’s usually contained in gelato, I tried out Nice Cream and I loved it!! Plain nice cream is simply frozen bananas, blended until nice and creamy. Since I don’t have a freezer (which is horrible, by the way), but live just around the corner from a supermarket, I usually buy frozen fruits and blend them with one or two ripe bananas. 

The good news about nice cream is that it only needs bananas for making it smooth and sweet, nothing else! It’s soo delicious with its pure natural flavors, I’ve completely fallen for it. I love it for breakfast, topped with all my favourite fruits and granola or shredded coconuts, or as an afternoon snack when the weather is really sunny! Or to kick the winter blues in their butt and make them leave ; )

For this recipe, I used frozen strawberries as a base and blended them with two ripe bananas and a little ginger to give it some extra freshness : ) Oh, you will need a strong blender in order to create a creamy and smooth nice cream.

300g frozen strawberries
1 cm fresh ginger
2 ripe bananas

Peel ginger and crush in a strong blender to gether with the strawberries until you have somthing like fruit snow (TM5: 10 sec/speed 10. You might need to scrape down the fruit snow and repeat the crushing).
Now, add the peeled bananas and blend until it become one smooth and creamy bunch of nice cream (TM5 10 sec/speed 5). Serve it plain, with fruits, granola or what have you and create yourself some sunshine time.

Let me know how you like the recipe and the combination of ginger and strawberries, I’m very excited about your feedback : )


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