About Me

Welcome to my sunny kitchen!
My name is Philine and I live in Hamburg, Germany. One day I’ll be a highschool teacher but until then, I keep you posted about what’s happening in my kitchen (it actually is super sunny). I love cooking and baking and also developing my own recipes, which this blog is about.

I love playing outside, going on adventurous hikes (I hiked the Grand Canyon once and El Teide twice), usually only love the mountains with snow on and a board under my feet and love being by, on and in the ocean. I also love travelling and am an expert in low cost but kick ass travels.

I have catered two birthday parties with over 100 guests with hearty food and also did a dessert buffet with 10 tartes. I love catering my friends’ and family’s events and would do it again any time!

I’m now in my last three semesters of uni ever and have soooo much to do to get good grades that I hardly have any time to work on the blog but I can’t help myself from time to time and just HAVE to write something.

I hope to inspire you with my recipes and photos as I have been inspired ever since I discovered Instagram and food blogs! If you ever feel like contacting me, whether you want to ask a question, make a suggestion, leave a comment or give any kind of feedback, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail! I am incredibly excited about hearing from you!!