About Me

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Welcome to my sunny kitchen!

My name is Philine and I live in Hamburg, Germany. I am twenty five years old and sandwiched between two brothers. I study English and German to become a High School teacher and I also work in a small outdoor shop and babysit two gorgeous little boys (3 and 6).

I have loved preparing food and eating it ever since I was a little girl, when my mom used to let me and the boys help in the kitchen. She would never care about whether it took all morning to cook a simple vegetable soup and has been a huge role model to me for all my life.

I witnessed how important and helpful well-balanced nutrition and physical training really are during my travels through the Caribbean and USA in 2014. My boyfriend and I ate mostly vegetables, muesli with milk or yogurt, pasta and sometimes beef or fish and had fruits or nuts for snacks, very few bread and pastry (because if you’re from Germany you know what amazing bread and pastry is like and we couldn’t afford the good stuff, haha!). Also, I began to jog. When I first started, I ran for about 300m and then took a 500m walking break, but after six months I ran seven kilometers. So, while sailing about 2.500 nautical miles and driving around 18.000km, I felt less blown up and lethargic every day and lost almost 9kg within those six months.

When we came home, we continued eating mostly healthy food and working out regularly and I still feel so much better than ever before. It’s not like I haven’t been doing any sports before: I have been riding horses since I was four years old, I also sail, wakeboard and swim  in summers and snowboard in winters and I mostly use my bike or longboard to get around. But the change came mostly with the diet.

I also got an Instagram account where I started sharing photos of all kinds of things, like the food I made or the places I traveled to. I orientated myself on the other foodies and soon I made my food look almost as pretty. My friends started joking around when I would open a café or start writing a blog, eventually. One day, they were serious about it, and also my family encouraged me to write a blog. I thought: “Why the heck not?!” and started another Instagram account, where I only share recipes and photos of food, to see how people would like my creations. Apparently, they like them, so I bought a domain for my blog.

Whenever I tell friends about my plans of becoming a blogger, the all give the same advice: “If you start a blog, make sure to have something no one else has, be unique!”. I don’t actually think there is anything no one has ever done, especially in the kitchen. And to be honest, I am not really creative. I cook and bake what I feel like might be tasty and sometimes it will not turn out at least a little nice and I’ll be eating it like “memo to myself: never use these ingredients together again”. Or it turns out really amazing and I send photos of it to all my friends and family and make them all hungry. I love all kinds of food, like lasagna or falafel or cream cheese frosting or grilled salmon or smoothies or muesli with oat milk or coconut soup or french fries or cookies! I love vegan and plant-based meals, as much as I love a nice Sunday-roast. However, I eat and cook mostly vegetarian food, because good meat is expensive as (and I really wouldn’t support factory farming).
Anyhow, while thinking about how to be unique I came up with this:
“Uniqueness is not about doing something innovative, but about being yourself and being honest about it.”
And this is what I aim at.

So, here I am, trying to find my way through the blogging jungle, spending my evenings watching WordPress tutorials and reading blog entries about how to blog… It’s a new world to me and I am not good with computers at all, but as you can see, I am getting there!

I hope to inspire you with my recipes and photos as I have been inspired ever since I discovered Instagram and food blogs! If you ever feel like contacting me, whether you want to ask a question, make a suggestion, leave a comment or give any kind of feedback, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail! I am incredibly excited about hearing from you!!