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Pumpkin Ketchup


Hi peeps,
I guess, by now everyone has noticed that I spent the last week making a giant calabaza pumpkin into everything I could think of. Well, here’s another great recipe for you to try and love: pumpkin ketchup! You don’t need any fancy-pants spices, just plain and natural ingredients that are available everywhere on the planet (I guess)! Ever minded that tomato ketchup always tastes much too sweet? Now you have the chance to sweeten and spice the sauce to your liking! To me, this is a new world and I feel so powerful being able to decide about the ingredients of my very own ketchup. And this one is refined sugar free, gluten free, vegan and completely plantbased, just saying… Continue Reading

All Recipes, Fish, Gluten-Free, Mains

Pumpkin Fries and Baked Salmon


isn’t a fresh, home cooked meal the greatest?! This one is so easy and tasty, you could easily impress your folks with this on a feastive occasion and everyone would think you are a kitchen genious! Seriously, the only “tricky” thing about this meal is forgetting that you have something cooking in the oven and burn it…. But since you would set a timer, it wouldn’t happen. Come with me into my kitchen and see how this wonderful light indian summer dish is made! Continue Reading