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Childhood Dreams: Leek Salad

today, I’d like to share a delicious childhood memory, which is also really good for your body! Since I’m sick a lot even though I eat super healthy (you know that), work out regularly, am outside all the time and don’t really have any stress, I’m constantly looking at how to solve the problem… Then a friend told me that my immune system might not be alright, because the “good” bacteria in my intestine were unhappy… Very interesting, I thought, and after some research, I found out, that this might quite possibly be a reason (because the intestine is our immune system’s headquarter) and that I can compensate by eating particular veggies… Continue Reading

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Wholemeal Spelt Baguette

today, I’ve got a really really delicious and super easy to make recipe for rustic wholemeal spelt baguette for you! During the last weeks of working hard on my bachelor thesis, I’ve noticed how I started craving for crappy food again, which has to stop, immediately. I used to eat a lot of sweets and pastry things and I put on so quickly, when I’m  not careful, and I want to be careful and be nice to my body… Continue Reading

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Stuffed Rye Bread (German Specialty)


As it’s getting more christmassy every day now, I’d like to share my favorite Christmas market dish with you! The German name is ‘Handbrot’ which could be translated by hand-bread (if you like it badly translated, otherwise just call it stuffed bread…). It’s basically fresh rye bread, traditionally stuffed with ham, cheese and mushrooms (which can be replaced with pretty much everything) and topped with a dollop of sour creme. This is really popular in Germany, be it as a midnight snack at your fave music festival in summer or, as I mentioned, to keep you warm at a Christmas market in winter. It’s a great snack to bring for parties and to have with your friends after or before a long night out or for dinner with a nice cup of hot mulled wine! And for the second Advent week, I’ll show you how you can make it yourself : ) Continue Reading

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Pumpkin Ketchup


Hi peeps,
I guess, by now everyone has noticed that I spent the last week making a giant calabaza pumpkin into everything I could think of. Well, here’s another great recipe for you to try and love: pumpkin ketchup! You don’t need any fancy-pants spices, just plain and natural ingredients that are available everywhere on the planet (I guess)! Ever minded that tomato ketchup always tastes much too sweet? Now you have the chance to sweeten and spice the sauce to your liking! To me, this is a new world and I feel so powerful being able to decide about the ingredients of my very own ketchup. And this one is refined sugar free, gluten free, vegan and completely plantbased, just saying… Continue Reading

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Cheese and Green Onions Waffles

Käsewaffeln Banner

Hi guys,
We have the weirdest summer here in Northern Germany: rain, storm and darkness, some days are even colder than last christmas holidays (ok, christmas was weird, too!) and I craaaaaave comfort food way too badly! In addition, some of my dearest friends are off to England for the week to sail in the European Championship and I have to stay at home to study and run the shop while my boss is on holiday. However, as bad as it seems, these circumstances led me to yesterday’s dinner when I finished some left-overs and created the most incredible hearty waffle recipe! Continue Reading

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Zucchini Chips with Crispbread Crust

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Do you know the feeling when it’s too hot outside to have heavy savoury food, but you still have the munchies and want the taste of fatty salty food? My crispbread coated zucchini chips are just perfect for those days, except they are kinda light! I just love crispbread and my fave kind is whole-grain rye, which I used for this recipe. Aaand they go just perfectly with your favourite dip – absolutely delicious with my basil humus!! Continue Reading

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Hummus banner

hi there
With hummus, you can only hate it or love it, and I just looooove it!!! Ever seen the movie “You don’t mess with the Zohan”? It’s propably one of the most flat movies ever (I do like the humor, though^^), but they just killed it with hummus – the main character even brushes his teeth with it, haha! Continue Reading