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Chocolate Granola

after a long time of not having granola, I made a fresh load last night and afterwards went to sleep with the nicest chocolatey smell all over the appartment, which gave me the sweetest dreams! In the morning, I was up in seconds, because I couldn’t wait for breakfast… What I really liked about this recipe is that the granola is not too sweet, but yet so crispy and that it has this amazingly rich chocolate flavor! Continue Reading

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Red Bean Burger

Almost every thursday, my older brother’s girlfriend and I meet to cook something nice, while the boys are having their weekly BBQ and watching very manly action TV shows (and sometimes Germany’s Next Topmodel during ad breaks…). It’s become a nice tradition and we always enjoy the food soooo so much! So, last week we made these red bean (or kidney bean) burgers and were over the moon by their deliciousness! Continue Reading

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Tarte Flambée with Pumpkin and Apples

I wanted to share this recipe for such a long time, but never had the chance to take nice photos of it, until last week, when I made this Tarte Flambée for lunch instead for dinner (for the light)! Tarte Flambée is a French pizza-like tart with a very thin bread crust and originally topped with sour cream, onions and bacon bits and baked for a short period on very high heat. And it’s delicious!!! And so quick and easy to make. I reinterpreted it autumnally with cottage cheese, spices, pumpkin, apples and fresh arugula and I make it at least every two weeks throughout the season.
Continue Reading

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Ratatouille with Feta Cheese and Pasta


I personally love a vacation most, when it’s spent outside, sleeping under the stars or in a tent! This summer I went to the French west coast for a week of sun, sand, waves and gooood food! It was a hell of a week and I immedietly fell in love with the massive pine trees and the fine sand! As for camping trips, I like it to take as few things as possible with: a pot and a pan (which is the lid of the pot at the same time), a minimalistic camp stove, a spoon, fork and knife, one sharp knife and the cooking basics, like quinoa, lentils, couscous, pasta, canned tomatoes, beans and corn, oats and cornflakes and some nuts. Since I only cook on a gas camp stove, I always have to make sure to not choose meals that cook too long. Here is how to make camping-ratatouille with feta cheese and pasta! Continue Reading

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Pumpkin Ketchup


Hi peeps,
I guess, by now everyone has noticed that I spent the last week making a giant calabaza pumpkin into everything I could think of. Well, here’s another great recipe for you to try and love: pumpkin ketchup! You don’t need any fancy-pants spices, just plain and natural ingredients that are available everywhere on the planet (I guess)! Ever minded that tomato ketchup always tastes much too sweet? Now you have the chance to sweeten and spice the sauce to your liking! To me, this is a new world and I feel so powerful being able to decide about the ingredients of my very own ketchup. And this one is refined sugar free, gluten free, vegan and completely plantbased, just saying… Continue Reading

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Pumpkin Lasagne


what’s up fellas? You are about to read how to prepare my fall version of the classic Italian lasagne. This one is with bacon, but it’s easily made vegetarian and even vegan, by leaving out the bacon and sub milk and butter with plantbased variants in equal parts. The taste is really something else! One of my friends never liked pumpkin at all, until I gave her this lasagne!! And it becomes something really special through the fresh thyme, that I love so much in fall!! Continue Reading

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Cheese and Green Onions Waffles

Käsewaffeln Banner

Hi guys,
We have the weirdest summer here in Northern Germany: rain, storm and darkness, some days are even colder than last christmas holidays (ok, christmas was weird, too!) and I craaaaaave comfort food way too badly! In addition, some of my dearest friends are off to England for the week to sail in the European Championship and I have to stay at home to study and run the shop while my boss is on holiday. However, as bad as it seems, these circumstances led me to yesterday’s dinner when I finished some left-overs and created the most incredible hearty waffle recipe! Continue Reading