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Christmassy Stuffed Yeast Braid


I am a huge fan of yeasty buns, cakes and breads! No matter the season, there is always something delicious to be made with a nice yeast dough! Whether it’s a plain braid for easter, fruit cakes in summer and autumn (with rhubarb and strawberries or with plums…yum!) or this stuffed braid for Christmas season! Or breakfast rolls, bread or pizza at any time ; ) For this recipe, I used my classic easter braid recipe and added a veeery nice stuffing (attention, rum involved) that I made up and also some baking time. This recipe is really easy and the outcome is beyond delicious! Continue Reading

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Carrot Cake


Who doesn’t love a juicy piece of a classic American carrot cake? I have figured out the perfect recipe and literally no one has ever not liked it! The cake is super soft and delicious and the vanilla-cream cheese-frosting is very rich but still tastes light and smooth! It’s one of my most favourite recipes when it has to be something special but not fancy… But please try out the recipe yourselves : ) Continue Reading

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Tarte Flambée with Pumpkin and Apples

I wanted to share this recipe for such a long time, but never had the chance to take nice photos of it, until last week, when I made this Tarte Flambée for lunch instead for dinner (for the light)! Tarte Flambée is a French pizza-like tart with a very thin bread crust and originally topped with sour cream, onions and bacon bits and baked for a short period on very high heat. And it’s delicious!!! And so quick and easy to make. I reinterpreted it autumnally with cottage cheese, spices, pumpkin, apples and fresh arugula and I make it at least every two weeks throughout the season.
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Pumpkin and Coconut Soup


When the weather turns cold and the leaves begin to fall down, I love going for long walks in the forest, wearing a warm wool sweater and walking beside my loved ones and collecting leaves and chestnuts. When we get home, we love sitting in front of the fire place, warming up on some hot pumpkin coconut soup and see what each of us found in the woods. Continue Reading

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Pumpkin Bread


who also loves the smell of yeasty bread baking in the oven?! Isn’t it just the absolute best thing to spread your fave cheese, veg-paste or jam on those soft and gooey slices? A friend of my mom’s throws an annual party with a huge buffet for all her friends and makes this pumpkin bread every year. It was just too delicious to not ask the recipe and now I can share it with you! Perfect for the season and a great something to bring to parties. You can use any edible pumpkin you can get, which makes the taste and color vary, but all kinds are just great! So far, I’ve tried it with butternut, hokkaido and calabaza and it worked out great every time. I think, it’s especially nice if you’re gluten free, because the pumpkin gives the bread a nice flavour that it doesn’t have when using only plain gluten free flour! This bread is so easy to make with only five ingredients and really tastes amazing, so do yourself a favour and try making it! Continue Reading

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Ratatouille with Feta Cheese and Pasta


I personally love a vacation most, when it’s spent outside, sleeping under the stars or in a tent! This summer I went to the French west coast for a week of sun, sand, waves and gooood food! It was a hell of a week and I immedietly fell in love with the massive pine trees and the fine sand! As for camping trips, I like it to take as few things as possible with: a pot and a pan (which is the lid of the pot at the same time), a minimalistic camp stove, a spoon, fork and knife, one sharp knife and the cooking basics, like quinoa, lentils, couscous, pasta, canned tomatoes, beans and corn, oats and cornflakes and some nuts. Since I only cook on a gas camp stove, I always have to make sure to not choose meals that cook too long. Here is how to make camping-ratatouille with feta cheese and pasta! Continue Reading