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Delicious Quick Apple Cake

well, I guess you all know the urgent crave for cake you get every once in a while… Here’s how you deal with it: you can either suck it up and be unhappy, or bake this beautiful and quick apple cake. So, without the story behind the cake, here is the recipe for you to feed your tummy something delicious ; ) Continue Reading

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Berry Cake

here comes the recipe for my beautiful, delicious Berry Cake with a white chocolate creme filling that is to die for. It also comes with the best everrr shortcrust that it so crunchy and flaky that there won’t be anyone leaving it untouched! Continue Reading

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Buttermilk Muffins with Raspberries

I’ve created a new recipe to celebrate 600 followers on Instagram, which is a nice success for me : ) Thanks again for being there, liking what I love! Amongst the many muffins I have had in my life, these are pretty much the best ones and I am SO proud of myself! I sometimes don’t feel very confident about my own recipe creations, but this one is the bomb! Continue Reading

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Blueberry Apple Cake


Who hasn’t been in the situation when you wanted something sweet so badly, but the circumstances didn’t allow you to buy what you craved for? Or your parents call on a Sunday to tell you they are on the way to shoot you a short visit and you don’t want to admit that you forgot to do the grocery and are out of almost everything (shops are closed on Sundays in Germany) and don’t want to be empty handed when they show up? Or you just like cake so much and are looking for a nice new recipe… Well, let me tell you that there is a cake that fits your needs just perfectly! My favorite cake for any occasion, easily made and soooo delicious! Oh, and this is one of my grandma’s family recipes, which is why I am very excited about sharing this with you! Continue Reading

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Scandinavian Inspired Layer Cake


If you like cake with light creams that have the full taste of heavy cake creams and you also think a ton of berries is to die for, then this is your cake! The three layers of cake are easy peasy sponge cakes and the cream is three parts créme legére and one part heavy whipping cream. This is one of the nicest cakes of all times, because it is super easy to make and it looks so spectacular!! Continue Reading

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Birthday Cake With a Secret Ingredient

birthday cake

Hey Lovelies,
it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (I turned old…) and I had all my friends and family over for afternoon tea and dinner. I made this beautiful seven-layers-buttercream-berry-torte and it wasn’t only a lot of fun making it, but also a delight eating it! Everyone liked it and made compliments about how pretty it looked and of course about the taste, too, and wondered what the secret ingredient was. Continue Reading