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Delicious Quick Apple Cake

well, I guess you all know the urgent crave for cake you get every once in a while… Here’s how you deal with it: you can either suck it up and be unhappy, or bake this beautiful and quick apple cake. So, without the story behind the cake, here is the recipe for you to feed your tummy something delicious ; ) Continue Reading

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Wholemeal Spelt Baguette

today, I’ve got a really really delicious and super easy to make recipe for rustic wholemeal spelt baguette for you! During the last weeks of working hard on my bachelor thesis, I’ve noticed how I started craving for crappy food again, which has to stop, immediately. I used to eat a lot of sweets and pastry things and I put on so quickly, when I’m  not careful, and I want to be careful and be nice to my body… Continue Reading

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Buttermilk Muffins with Raspberries

I’ve created a new recipe to celebrate 600 followers on Instagram, which is a nice success for me : ) Thanks again for being there, liking what I love! Amongst the many muffins I have had in my life, these are pretty much the best ones and I am SO proud of myself! I sometimes don’t feel very confident about my own recipe creations, but this one is the bomb! Continue Reading

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Cheese and Green Onions Waffles

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Hi guys,
We have the weirdest summer here in Northern Germany: rain, storm and darkness, some days are even colder than last christmas holidays (ok, christmas was weird, too!) and I craaaaaave comfort food way too badly! In addition, some of my dearest friends are off to England for the week to sail in the European Championship and I have to stay at home to study and run the shop while my boss is on holiday. However, as bad as it seems, these circumstances led me to yesterday’s dinner when I finished some left-overs and created the most incredible hearty waffle recipe! Continue Reading